The story of Chardine

Chardine’s goat milk soap

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in finding out more about the story behind Chardine’s goats milk soap and skincare products. It is my privilege to share this brief overview with you.


Soaps from Chardine – our story

Chardine’s goat milk soap began five years ago when Zene searched the internet for recipes to make her own bath salts.  She accidentally found a soap website where she read about goats milk soap.

After reading about the health and soothing benefits of goats milk soap, she did more research and watched videos on You Tube to lean more about making goats milk soap.  At that stage, she had bad eczema on her hands and was curious to find out if goats milk soap would really work.

Zene sources goats milk as well as the natural oils, clays and essential oils and started making soap.  After some trial and error, she found a recipe that worked.

After using her soap, she was surprised to find that goats milk soap really does help – it healed her eczema completely.

Zene soon realise that there was a demand for quality goats milk soap and related products and founded ‘Soaps from Chardine’, which soon expanded its range to include liquid gel washes, lotions, milk bath soaks, lip balms, a shampoo, a conditioner and a fragrance-free range for babies with sensitive skin.

The brand Chardine is a combination of Zene’s daughters’ names – Chavonne and Audine.

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