About us

About our goats milk soap

Thank you for your interest in Chardine’s goats milk soap and skincare products.  If you’ve not purchased from us before, here’s a short introduction to the quality of our products and the ranges that we offer!


Chardine’s goats milk soap and skincare products

Chardine is committed to producing high quality handcrafted soaps which are free of artificial colourants, petrochemicals and parabens. In addition, they contain only pure South African goats milk (sourced from Saanen dairy goats), natural oils and clays and essential oils.

This unique combination of natural ingredients is the reason why our products help soothe sensitive and dry skin conditions and we have a strong following of customers who can attest to the quality and benefits of our soap and skin care products.

Our soaps and skincare products are beautifully packaged and are ideal for everyday use as well as gifting. They have also been stability tested to optimise shelf life and are available either online or via a wide range of selected retail outlets nation wide.

Ideal for health shops, alternative and health conscious pharmacies, baby boutiques, curio shops, hospitality shops, retail shops, game lodges, resorts, farm stalls and body product stores. We also customise corporate gifts, wedding gifts, favours and baby shower gift packs.

Chardine’s products are:

  • biodegradable,
  • carbon conscious,
  • eco friendly, and
  • NOT tested on animals.
  • All our packaging is also fully recyclable.

Our ranges include:

  • Adult,
  • Baby,
  • Facial,
  • Hair care, and
  • Hospitality (please contact us for a quotation).

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